MaST Community Charter School

MaST II Community Charter School

Philadelphia, PA

Founded in 1999 and currently serving 4,500 students, this Philadelphia Charter school is recognized for its unique approach which incorporates art and robotic design into science, technology, engineering, and math curriculum. To accommodate a growing student population and provide an exceptional list of extracurriculars, the design needed to engage with the surrounding environment. MaST acquired 19 acres located on a former industrial site on the banks of the Delaware River, providing striking views of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge. The exterior, with its grey corrugated metal panels and yellow composite metal paneling, is reminiscent of stacked cargo containers, paying homage to the site’s rich maritime commercial history. Phase 1 of the project is positioned to provide the maximum space needed to create both an additional building as well as outdoor learning spaces for the Philadelphia region’s booming student population. The first phase of MaST II Tacony opened at capacity, housing 600 students in roughly 30 classrooms, complete with specialized learning spaces to accommodate a modernized STEM education program.

"With thousands of applications, we felt it necessary to design a campus for growth and development in an education market looking for new and exciting practices."

- John F. Swoyer III
MaST Community Charter School CEO