U. S. Military Academy West Point

The Cyber & engineering Academic Center (CEAC)

West Point, NY

The World Economic Forum has defined the Fourth Industrial Revolution as a fusion of technologies that blur the lines between, physical, digital and biological spheres. To prepare for this, the United States Military Academy at West Point seeks to train and equip future officers to confront the increasingly technological challenges of peacekeeping. The Cyber & Engineering Academic Center (CEAC) is West Point’s response to those challenges. Designed by the Jacobs-EwingCole JV, it was conceived with an eye towards innovation, collaboration, and the tradition and history of West Point Academy simultaneously. Its design fosters innovation and interdisciplinary collaboration and interaction. It has 59 unique labs, each designed with flexibility and adaptability for future programming to keep pace with a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The CEAC represents the intersection of disciplined military thinking and innovative contemporary teaching methods.