What We Do

We explore and design inventive solutions to complex projects that better our clients’ everyday life, our community, and our world.

Our clients are leaders in their respective industries. We partner with them to bring the latest thought leadership to each project, and to deliver buildings, spaces and places that advance their mission. Our diverse group of professionals take that responsibility seriously. As their trusted advisors and stewards of responsible design, we are always looking for opportunities that enable us to make a positive impact.

How We Do It

We bring together research, creativity, and technology through a rigorous process to create places where people live, learn, heal, work, and play. Design is an iterative and interactive process that works best when ideas are measured, discussed and challenged. Our process is informed by a deep understanding of the program, the site, and the science of buildings, but it starts with the need to discover a project’s full potential. Our expertise, knowledge and resources are most effective when we listen to one another, work with one another, and learn from one another.

Why We Do It

Our vision is to design places that elevate the human experience; our goal is to build a design culture that can transform the most common buildings and landscapes into meaningful experiences.

We believe that great design emerges from a visionary response to an everyday need. The places we design are used by people in all walks of life, yet each design must reach beyond the ordinary. Our collective journey requires that we challenge ourselves to ask the right questions and search for the right responses. We nurture a work culture that values and cultivates these ideas.

What We Value

  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Investing in the Future

We are committed to creating a studio culture that fosters professionalism, creativity, communication, positive energy, and mutual respect. When our people are equipped to work at their fullest potential, we can live out and realize our philosophy of “innovation through partnership”.

Our common vision is to transform every day buildings and landscapes into meaningful experiences.

Integrated Design

As a team of planners, architects, interior designers, and engineers, we are focused on the identification and realization of innovative solutions. Far more than coordinating multiple teams in separate offices, we work as interactive participants throughout a collaborative and integrated process. Each of us supports the other with disciplined, real-time thinking towards the betterment of the project.

In the context of increasingly complex building programs and bound by demanding technological and environmental goals, our integrated design provides our clients with places and spaces where the whole of the built environment is greater than the sum of its component systems.


We believe that human wellness depends on the health of the environment that surrounds us. Starting from this value-based foundation, we strive to create spaces and places that allow people and nature to thrive. This pursuit has led to some of the most sustainable building designs in the world and has laid the groundwork for future innovation design.

How we get there:

  • Layout and air circulation
  • Integrated energy systems
  • Solar/renewable energy generation
  • Building material selection
  • Geothermal cooling
  • Automatic temperature controls

EwingCole is reshaping our approach to sustainability in the built environment.

Over the past year, our team has been hard at work, laying the foundation for our Social Equity in Design (SEID) Initiative, which recognizes the critical intersection between the built environment, environmental degradation, and human rights. SEID is a bold step towards putting Social Equity at the forefront of our sustainability strategies. Our goal is simple: to eliminate the negative impacts of the built environment on traditionally overlooked or underserved communities.

While sustainability has always been a core value for us, we understand that social equity can sometimes take a backseat due to its complexity. But with SEID, we’re making a deliberate effort to change that narrative, taking a holistic approach to equity within the building arts industry.

One key aspect of SEID is our focus on the material supply chain. It’s not just about what happens within the buildings we design but also the broader impact of the materials we use. That’s why we’re committed to identifying ways to increase equity within product specifications, ensuring our choices support frontline communities and fragile ecosystems.

Environmental injustices, such as racism and forced labor, persist within material supply chains. Through SEID, we’re leveraging our collective impact to address these injustices by specifying products that uphold ethical standards and promote social equity.

Design Process

Our process is rigorous, creative, and interactive, incorporating research and the latest design technologies as a bridge to our client’s thoughts and aspirations. We believe that the most important element in this creative process is establishing an open line of communication with our clients. For us, this is the beginning of our design process. Our clients’ knowledge of their needs and our knowledge of their building typologies provides the foundation for visionary solutions.

To provide real time thinking and solutions, our process is collaborative, allowing multiple disciplines to contribute to the entire process. This allows each discipline to contribute in a matter that elevates each other’s contribution.

  • To promote creativity and aspirational goals, we invest our time and resources early in the process to explore the potential of each project.
  • Designers work with our clients to develop the design narrative that drives and inspires creative solutions throughout the remainder of the project.
  • Through the design review and pinup process, we are able to assure clients of the impeccable and fully executed project. Our rigorous quality assurance process guarantees a flawless construction process and outstanding building performance.
  • Design team carries the project forward maintaining the integrity of the original design solution throughout later stages of design.


EwingCole offers a multi-discipline practice built on the core values of professional excellence, design quality, and collaboration.

Transparency in Coverage Rule-Healthcare


The link below leads to the machine readable files that are made available in response to the federal Transparency in Coverage Rule and includes negotiated service rates and out-of-network allowed amounts between health plans and healthcare providers.  The machine-readable files are formatted to allow researchers, regulators, and application developers to more easily access and analyze data.

Machine-Readable File Link