Princeton University

Princeton Admissions at 36 University Place

Princeton, NJ

Princeton Admissions at 36 University Place is in one of the most iconic areas of the Princeton campus and is, for many of the Princeton’s potential students, their first impression of the campus. Administrators and admissions officials sought to create a space that promoted accessibility, inclusivity, and centralization. It needed to be a comfortable space that provides a positive, relaxing environment for visiting students and their families and a permanent home for the Orange Key campus tour guides. EwingCole renovated the two-floor space, including administrative offices and an information center – with updated finishes, lighting, and fixtures. The new areas are fully accessible, comfortable, and represent Princeton’s commitment to diversity and progress. 36 University Place now provides visitors a welcoming experience, allowing them to relax both before and after their scheduled sessions and tours and gather information from admissions officers.