Olympus Americas

North American Corporate Headquarters

Center Valley, PA

Olympus is a precision technology leader, designing and delivering imaging solutions in healthcare, life science, and photography. Olympus’ strategic decision to relocate its headquarters to the Lehigh Valley was the result of a comprehensive two-year study that involved 16 different U.S. markets. EwingCole designed the 337,400 sf headquarters to provide maximum flexibility to reconfigure workspaces as needed to accommodate the company’s growth. The building reflects Olympus’ commitment to customer-centricity, allowing customers access to facilities for conferences and continuing medical education events. Its silver-metal and glass exterior architecturally expresses the Olympus brand by mirroring the company’s opto-digital products. The design also supports employee creativity, collaboration and productivity, which are key pillars of Olympus’ culture, and addresses the demand that modern workplaces more closely resemble home life.

"Employee reaction has been overwhelmingly positive and we are poised for tremendous growth."

- Mark Gumz
Former President and CEO - Olympus America