United States Army Corps of Engineers, New York District

Keller Army Community Hospital Expansion

West Point, NY

Keller Army Community Hospital improves readiness of the Armed Forces by providing high quality, patient-centered care to the corps of Cadets and the community of West Point. In need of additional space for primary care, orthopedics/podiatry, physical therapy, optometry/ophthalmology, dental, and OB/GYN services, a clinic addition would need to be designed and constructed with minimal disruption to ongoing operations. A primary goal was to provide the West Point community with convenient medical care in an aesthetic environment comparable to private sector facilities. EwingCole provided domestically-scaled interiors to evoke a connection with nature using materials such as wood and stone, a modern entrance, lobby, and a clear circulation path that allows access to daylight and views of the campus for the new three-story, 50,695 SF wing.

"In addition to very good technical skills reflected in their project deliverables, EwingCole exhibited very good work in various design phases and engineering services. EwingCole’s performance on this contract warrants on overall rating of very good and is highly recommended for future contracts."

- Rodney Abrams
Chief, Military Section - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District