Lincoln Public Schools

Ballfield Road Campus

Lincoln, MA

The Lincoln Public School’s Ballfield Road Campus serves approximately 650 students in grades K-8. Constructed in six phases between 1948 and 1994, the campus is defined by early examples of modernist architecture framing an exterior commons which is beloved by the wider community. The school district recognized the qualitative value of the facility but was also committed to providing an improved facility that could support a modern curriculum for the student body and meet the town’s sustainability aspirations. Together with their local partner SMMA, EwingCole conducted programming workshops with educators and hosted outreach and engagement sessions with the local community. The resulting 165,000 SF phased renovation and addition project will preserve many of the existing classrooms while introducing new 21st Century learning spaces that support project-based learning and student collaboration. The design approach for the new construction references the modernist vocabulary of the existing site. Renovated areas employ a super insulated envelope, and judicious use of new triple glazed window units. Overall, the project employs renewable energy strategies, HVAC systems integration and plug load management to deliver a Net Zero ready facility for the School District.