The Graham Athletics & Wellness Center | William Penn Charter School

Project Showcase: The Graham Athletics & Wellness Center | William Penn Charter School

Published: June 1, 2022
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

William Penn Charter School, the oldest Quaker school in the country, strives to create a learning environment where arts and athletics flourish side by side with scholastic achievement in support of its vision of “educating students to live that make a difference.” The wellness and athletics programs at Penn Charter are woven into the fabric of the institution, providing an opportunity for every student to participate.

To accommodate more than 900 students, Penn Charter needed to build a facility to support one of the most extensive athletic programs among Pennsylvania Independent Schools, as well as serve the needs of the broader student population, including K-12 physical education. As the most recent project of a multiphase campus master plan, the Graham Athletic and Wellness Center is strategically positioned at the crossroads of the athletic and academic areas, and helps to realize the larger master plan goals of creating a pedestrian-friendly campus core free of vehicular traffic.