Ryan Leichtweisz, RA



Ryan is a project designer that excels in the conception of well-branded and immersive hospitality environments, which can be found in many of EwingCole’s project types from hospitals to restaurants to live music venues. He capitalizes on his theater background to develop spaces that, like well-curated stage sets, are dramatic, memorable for visitors, and tell a story.


Ryan believes that architecture and interior design foster a celebration of the human spirit and should both represent and influence the personalities of its occupants.  By manipulating and curating form, space, light, air, and sound, Ryan uses all the tangible and intangible tools of his craft to custom-tailor each project, celebrating the uniqueness of each specific client and their guests.  He feels good design is evident not only in how a space looks but in how it makes us feel and how it performs over time.


He holds a B.A. in Architecture from Lehigh University and a Master of Architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.  Ryan joined the firm in 2012.