Roger A. Macartney

Director of Quality Assurance

Roger is the Director of Quality Assurance and oversees the Quality Assurance Department. His day to day responsibilities include managing the project QC review process, compiling comments from discipline reviewers, and communicating identified deficiencies directly to the project team leaders. Roger maintains employee training technical records and oversees the EwingCole Continuing Education Program.


Roger believe that problem solving is a key attribute that leads to creative constructible solutions. He encourages project staff to communication between peers, strives to maintain document consistency, and mentors staff.


Roger has worked on various project types and believes that experience makes you better. Starting a career in construction and changing to architecture lead to being involved in a variety of different projects as a project architect, project manager and construction administration manager and contributed to a strong base of experience. Roger received a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Drexel University and just celebrated 30 years with EwingCole.