Essentia Health

Vision Northland

Duluth, MN

Essentia Health’s “Vision Northland” is a visionary $800 million investment in the healthcare campus perched on the banks of Lake Superior. Essentia’s goal is to update the healthcare campus and modernize their facilities to more effectively support their patients and staff. Essentia envisions a hospital environment that is comfortable, welcoming, and efficient for patients, visitors, and staff. EwingCole conducted extensive interviews with Essentia healthcare providers and administrative staff to inform the new design. Our plan will help Essentia streamline services, redefine the continuum of care, and invigorate downtown Duluth with engaging public amenities. The design provides patient-centric inpatient rooms, appropriate amenities to respond to different care needs, and enhances the patient experience while improving outcomes. Public areas have the engaging warmth of hospitality spaces, with natural materials and themes of healing, nature and the rich narrative of the region’s history and peoples. The new facility will allow Essentia to provide the visionary healthcare services currently limited by existing facilities and infrastructure and will be the largest private development in Duluth’s history.