University of Pennsylvania

Penn Squash Center

Philadelphia, PA

When it first opened, the Penn Squash Center at the University of Pennsylvania was widely regarded as one of the best in the country. However, over time, the program’s needs surpassed the facility’s capacity. EwingCole modernized the space while improving circulation and creating a top-tier tournament venue for players and spectators alike. The renovation includes updated courts – including two central glass exhibition courts – a polished, wood seating structure and updated finishings, digital scoring systems, and lighting throughout the facility. The newly reconfigured second-floor mezzanine provides spectators with a birds-eye view of each of the 12 courts below. Ringe Squash now provides world-class players with the tools and facilities they need to continue the programs storied 127-year-old legacy.

"It’s surreal, hard to believe this is our new home. We are so grateful to everyone who helped make this dream a reality and are so excited about the future of Penn Squash."

- University of Pennsylvania
Director of Squash, Jack Wyant