Live Nation

New Orleans Fillmore

New Orleans, LA

Live Nation Entertainment Clubs & Theatres division is the country’s preeminent live-music venue collection featuring state-of-the-art sound and lighting technology in one-of-a-kind custom-designed environments aimed to bring fans and artists together in unparalleled musical environments. The Fillmore New Orleans, a new live music venue on the second floor of Harrah’s Casino, features design elements that effortlessly blend San Francisco’s historic psychedelic 60s with the cultural archetypes of New Orleans. Live Nation does not think of the Fillmore venues as a brand, they think of them as a family of music venues. Each venue is intentionally designed to not have the same look and feel in every city, as a chain brand would be, rather they want it to feel like it really belongs to that geographic location. And since New Orleans is a get-up-and-dance city, it’s a perfect match for the design of this music and entertainment venue.

"A Fillmore is not a cookie cutter venue and each new location has its own identity. EwingCole gets that and truly understands our history, our aesthetic, and our vision."

- Ron Bension
President, Live Nation Clubs and Theater