Kitchen 21

Coney Island, NY

iStar’s land business focuses on transforming bare spaces into unique places—reimagining landscapes and cityscapes, breaking new ground with state of the art designs and development of sustainable communities. Their goal for the abandoned Childs Restaurant was to create an anchor establishment on the west end of the Coney Island boardwalk that could act as a catalyst to spur development. EwingCole created an open, flexible dining/hospitality space – a multi-purpose, communal space that can transform from daytime café for beachgoers to evening fine dining to a concert venue. Signature interior elements are inspired by the amusement parks that made Coney Island America’s playground.

"We realized that what was needed to bring Childs back to life and to tie the building into the revitalization of its neighborhood was something on the order of these projects. And with EwingCole, that’s what we got!"

- Karl Frey
Executive Vice President, Land and Development