Alice Gittler, MS, MA, EDAC

Director of Healthcare Research and Engagement

As Director of Healthcare Design Research, Alice promotes the integration of advanced analytics and systematic evaluation during design to advance performance, and better align operational objectives to facility design. Her work combines approaches from evidence-based design, systems science, design thinking, and process improvement; believing that research is enhanced by collaboration and interdisciplinary thinking.  The EC research group applies multiple methodologies, including data mining, machine learning, systematic layout analysis, and simulation modeling to quantify and improve workflow efficiency, ensure the safety of patients, align capacity with volume, streamline the patient journey, and measure service quality.


Alice collaborates with healthcare design teams in the early phases of building design to study workflow, map experiences, identify trends and better practices, model design scenarios, and facilitate stakeholder workshops.  Fundamental to this work is developing solution-based approaches to inform decision making and to help clients and design teams create better-performing environments that meet and exceed expectations.


Alice holds a MPS in Healthcare Interior Design and a MS in Health Systems Science. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Systems Science at Binghamton University. Her research interests center around the application of systems engineering methodologies and decision analysis in healthcare design.