Of all of the visual and applied arts, architecture alone engages us on both profound and mundane levels.

We inhabit our buildings for shelter as well as for cultural expression; they are built with technologies that are often basic, yet also capable of exquisite precision. Our buildings, like ourselves, are integrated into a larger context. We create them as an expression of beauty and function; therein rests the art and craft of our profession.

Architecture depends upon invention and discovery: both are essential to the creative process; each is informed by a specific place, time and program. Architecture, whether it is an object in the landscape or an interior space, activates in us a physical connection and reinforces principles of human organization through proportion and rhythm, hierarchy and scale. A building’s site circulation and topography, its tectonic language, skin and mass, its entrances and interior spaces, are all components of a larger continuum of the built and natural environment.


State-of-the-art can only be achieved when our engineering design solutions apply the latest technologies to both the current and long term needs of a building.

At EwingCole, we believe that modern building system design takes into account critical needs for energy efficiency, reliability, and flexibility while providing economic solutions to maintenance and retrofit operations. When designing engineering solutions, the engineers at EwingCole take pride in providing clients with the best in engineering leadership, problem solving, and cost-effective results. EwingCole nurtures a collaborative relationship between Architect and Engineer so the building systems become an integral part of the building design.

EwingCole responds to modern trends emphasizing the importance of image and visibility in terms of client recognition and relationship maintenance, employee recruiting and retention, and branding.

EwingCole’s experienced professionals continually refine their approach towards designing intelligent and attractive solutions that respond to the goals of various organizations with diverse operational methods.  Our designers help each client look at all the factors – image, cost, flexibility, tradition, and technology—to create an appropriate environment that supports their workforce. As connectivity, compatibility, and adaptability requirements increase, our designers work to push the envelope of flexibility, accommodating open space environments that promote communication and collaboration.


Site master planning plays a major role in establishing the arrangement of architecture and engineering elements, and creates a format for future change and expansion.

Our challenge is to prepare a master plan for a facility without compromising the functionality, convenience, and appearance of the proposed building development. EwingCole develops comprehensive master plans to express our clients’ history, mission, values and goals in a unifying image. Our planning documents provide in depth information regarding zoning and relationship to the community, open spaces, assessment of existing building infrastructure, identification of potential growth and expansion, functionality of building arrangements, location of utilities and equipment and infrastructure support capabilities, vehicle and pedestrian circulation including entrances, parking, and service access. We also provide cost/benefit analyses, and planning for construction phasing that ensures continuous operations.


At EwingCole, we believe in the power of light, both in its natural and artificial forms. Not only is lighting an integral component of the visual design, but it also plays the part of narrator- telling the story of the space.

Light has the power to transform the static into kinetic-adding form, contrast, and color to invoke a unique and personal architectural experience.  Light has the power to lead us through a space and focus our attention using a combination of subtle and dramatic tactics. Small changes in lighting effects can dramatically alter our experience, or create an emotional persona within a fixed architectural design. It is our mission to use the powers of light to create interesting and inviting architectural spaces that are sensitive to the specific needs of a variety of applications.


Digital Media Group

EwingCole DMG provides environment modeling & animation, interactive 3D simulations and video production services.

Since 2000, EwingCole DMG (Digital Media Group) has been an incubator of talent and technology as a division of EwingCole.  Our team draws upon its extensive expertise in the graphic, building modeling and interactive programming specialties collaborating closely with veteran practice leaders and designers.  This cross-disciplinary approach meets the rapidly changing communication needs of our clients.

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Energy Management

At EwingCole we work to cut through the green-wash prevalent in today’s building industry.

By focusing on exceptional technology solutions, integrating best practices, and using available tools such as LEED certification, we strive to minimize depletion of natural resources, improve our resource efficiency, and integrate environmentally-friendly solutions. Our commitment to aesthetic building solutions blends environmental leadership, smart engineering, and high-performance green design innovation.  We seek to learn from our multiple experiences with each new green idea or latest trend, ensuring best practice solutions for our client community.  We are committed to continued innovation and to finding more successful solutions in our buildings and engineered systems.