Project Description

North American Corporate Headquarters
Center Valley, PA

The new 47-acre corporate headquarters includes a 350,000 SF headquarters building, an on-site warehouse, a 7,000 SF data center, and a 2,000 SF day care center that serves the 850 employees.  One component of these various spaces is a new destination dining atmosphere that was developed to provide hospitality-type amenities.  This project was completed on a fast-track schedule, with full occupancy in June 2006.


“I wanted to take a minute to thank the Ewing Cole team for the tremendous effort that you are expending to move this great project forward. The quality of the work, the quantity of the work and the cooperative spirit in which the work is being accomplished are outstanding.  We are truly a team with common goals.  If the first six weeks are any indication of what lies ahead, we are going to produce a magnificent facility and have fun doing it.  The output required, especially over the next several weeks, will be extraordinary but I have great confidence in your ability to perform.”
Raymond L. Federici
Senior Project Manager
Butz Construction
Olympus America, New Headquarters Project