Project Description

Clinical Laboratory
Danville, PA

The new lab incorporates lean planning and Geisinger’s minimum turn time. The clinical pathology floor offers a loop circulation system around open core lab functions and equipment. Enclosed containment and secure functions, including BSL-3, Microbiology, Molecular, Forensic and Toxicology Labs, are organized around the outside of the loop. Second floor anatomic pathology labs staff use communicating stairs to communicate easily with others. Lab grade access flooring allows power, data, and piped utilities anywhere below the core lab floor. Modular lab casework can be easily changed as testing technologies advance and automated testing systems are installed. A color-coded drainage system clearly separates flammable liquids from bio-waste. Anatomic pathology is laid out as an assembly line for more efficient flow high-volume operations. A “stat” histology lab connecting to the operating suite allows surgeons to interact with pathologists for involvement in the treatment stream. Third floor vertical storage saves floor space. Programmable systems offer computerized access to and control of inventory.