Project Description

Experience Center
Fort Worth, TX

The 36,000 square foot center is designed to help train professionals by offering hands-on instruction and education with Alcon’s latest advances in optometry and ophthalmology.  Supporting this initiative is the facility design, which also allows Alcon to advance innovation in eye care and deliver on their mission.  This is Alcon’s first comprehensive eye health center integrating the three divisions of Surgical, Ophthalmic Pharmaceuticals, and Vision Care.  At a glance, the space includes a main reception area, clinic, OTC innovation studio, surgical suite, product showcase, and wet lab.


“EwingCole has served as a collaborative technical resource for Alcon, resulting in a trust level established over time where we can rely on their technical guidance and recommendations for delivering high quality solutions specifically in our R&D laboratories and manufacturing operations.”
Joe Sullivan, Director, Corporate Engineering
Alcon Laboratories