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We believe in the power of light, both in the natural and artificial form. Light creates an architectural story playing multiple roles in the creative process. Not only is lighting an integral component of the visual design, but it also plays the part of narrator – telling the story of the space. It transforms the static into kinetic – adding form, contrast, and color to invoke a unique and personal experience.

Light has the capacity to support the  architectural integrity of a space by disappearing into its surroundings. It can also be the center point of visual stimulation, excelling as an independent design component.

Light can evoke an emotional persona within a fixed architectural design. Small changes in lighting effects can alter a person’s experience dramatically. It is our mission to use the powers of light to create interesting and inviting architectural spaces that are sensitive to the specific needs of a variety of applications.

It is our mission to understand the building form and sustainability goals of a project to integrate daylight as a major contributor of useful light within a space. We look to incorporate natural light through innovative means to balance artificial illumination and captivate building occupants.


Alcon Laboratories

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Experience Center
Fort Worth, TX

The 36,000 square foot center is designed to help train professionals by offering […]

Smithsonian Institution


NMAH, West Wing Renewal Program
Washington, DC

EwingCole was tasked with the 120,000 SF, $48M multi-phase […]

Susquehanna Art Museum


Museum Renovation
Harrisburg, PA

A former bank building serves as the entrance lobby to the new […]

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Our Team

Angela Matchica, PE, LC, LEED AP
Principal, Director of Lighting Design

Angela incorporates her knowledge of emerging lighting technologies and integrated system design with her creativity and unique expression for a cohesive lighting display. She has applied these visions to various facilities to create better, more functional environments for both staff and visitors. Angela couples her passion for lighting with her background in power distribution for a unified and efficient building system design.

Richard Garman, PE

Richard brings extensive electrical engineering and lighting design in Sports and Entertainment, Healthcare, Corporate, Educational and Industrial projects. He has vast knowledge of electrical power distribution, electrical power generation, telecommunications, lighting control and lighting design. His experiences include coordinating utility relocations, utility upgrades, synchronizing generators with utility services. He also has unique expertise in sports lighting design for all types and sizes of sporting facilities.

Christy Rogers, PE, LC, LEED AP
Lighting Designer

Christy brings more than a decade of experience in lighting and electrical design. Her work is an integral element many of the firm’s work for sports, entertainment, corporate, academic and government facilities. Her specialties in lighting design, lighting control and energy analysis have provided clients with environments that improve working conditions, visitor experiences, and lower overall energy expenditures.

Carl A. Speroff IV, PE, LC
Lighting Designer

Carl combines his training in architectural engineering with his artistic vision to create engaging, unique, and energy efficient designs that enhance the user experience. He has applied his philosophy of utilizing both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly lighting at various healthcare facilities, effectively blending his passion for lighting with his knowledge of controls and power distribution to create efficient, integrated designs.

Kyle Kavanaugh, PE
Lighting Designer

Kyle has extensive experience in electrical engineering and lighting design for  an array of project types including pharmaceutical, medical device and research labs. He designs the electrical systems for a wide variety of projects including medium voltage power systems, emergency generators and UPS systems, large facility distribution systems and coordinated the electrical systems with many intensive audio/visual and information technology systems. He works with the architectural design team to provide an efficient lighting and wiring system that can easily upgrade to reflect changing technology.