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Presentation by Michael Hubble from The Advisory Board Company

Prior to the Great Recession, hospitals and health systems were pouring capital into outpatient facility renovation and expansion initiatives. As the economy has recovered and capital markets have begun to thaw, many organizations have jump started their planning efforts around ambulatory care. Yet the rationale for investing in outpatient sites has changed and it is clear that ambulatory space configurations will have to evolve to accommodate new care delivery models. Facility layouts must also adapt to advances in clinical and information technologies.

Section 1
• Delivery system reform
• Technological innovation
• Macroeconomic trends
• Strategic considerations
around the distribution of
outpatient facilities
• Pacing of development

Section 2
• Emerging infrastructure standards
• Design elements for
outpatient facilities
• Innovative models for improving
patient throughput
• Enhancing the patient experience
• Elevating clinical outcomes

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Senior Director and a national spokesperson for the Advisory Board Company, Michael Hubble’s areas of focus include general hospital administration and management, health system economics, and health policy. Michael is also a lecturer for the flagship Health Care Advisory Board program, Philanthropy Leadership Council and the Advisory Board’s international division. Before joining the Advisory Board, he worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 clients, advising them on organizational strategy, change management, and marketing strategy.

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